Tim Clayfield
Tim Clayfield
Head of Product and Application Development
Tyre Recycling Solutions

Dr Tim Clayfield joined Tyre Recycling Solutions in 2018 to set up a lab to develop applications for recycled tyre rubber. He is passionate about the need for sustainability and the need to ensure circularity of materials use.
Previously he was European Technical Service Manager for Elastomers at Resinex. From 2005-2016 he was Global Product and Application Technology Leader at Dow Chemical in Switzerland, responsible for developing new products and applications for EPDM. From 1996 to 2005 he was at DuPont Dow Elastomers in Geneva, at first as a technical service engineer, and then as business development manager, for polyolefin elastomers in a variety of applications. He joined Dow in 1989 in Germany in Tyrin chlorinated polyethlene, after his BSc and PhD in Polymer Science and Technology at the University of Manchester.
When not working, you are most likely to find him out on his bike or on his kayak.

Email: tcl@trs-ch.com